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Fully invested, moving forward,

ALL IN the name of Jesus

Make room to promote growth now and for future generations

Deepen relationships to positively impact our neighborhoods

Expand our work in the

community & world

Welcome to the ALL IN Generosity Journey

God has given us a vision for the right next steps as a community. To fuel our growth, we need one more expansion of our facility. So, we are embarking on a generosity journey called ALL IN, an echo of Colossians 3:17.

Latest News

Jesus said: “Follow Me” – and He is leading us somewhere.

We are all called to be part of a shared journey and this next season
requires us to team up like never before.

Richard Fredericks, Senior Pastor

The Opportunities

What are we being called to do?
ALL IN is moving from being a spectator, watching what God is achieving in our midst, to becoming an active participant.

It is owning our part in this unfolding God-story, giving back to God generously from all that He has blessed us with.