What are you asking me to do?

We are asking that every person who calls DRCC home to seek God with the question “Lord, what part should I play in following Your heart to our future?” As you seek God for direction, we’re asking that everyone fill out the commitment card and hand it in during the weekend of November 17/18. Pledges can be fulfilled over the time period of December 2018-December 2020.

What is the big give weekend?

We’re asking that everyone come on the weekend of December 8/9 to joyfully bring their first, best gift in fulfilling their pledge amount. This will be a time of celebration as we look forward in anticipation for how God will work through us in accomplishing His vision.

What if we don’t reach our goal?

First, we wholeheartedly believe that God has given each of us the resources we need to accomplish this vision together! We believe that “God can do exceedingly abundantly beyond all we can ask or imagine…through His work within us.” (Eph. 3:20-21) If for some reason we didn’t achieve our goal, the Elders, Trustees and Building Development team would need to prayerfully consider scaling back the scope of the project.

What if we exceed our goal?

Exceeding our goal would allow us to fulfill the vision while taking on even less new mortgage debt. This would allow more of our annual budget in the future to go towards direct ministry impact!

Why are we taking on new debt through the building expansion?

The DRCC Trustees believe that taking on healthy debt, like a mortgage for the building expansion, provides us access to a tool to reach our community that we wouldn’t otherwise have. The mission is critical as 15,000+ new homes are being developed around us and we desire to have the space to serve them as quickly as possible.
We believe in only taking on necessary debt and keeping it to a minimum so that we can maximize funds for direct ministry. With that in mind, the Trustees have determined that we will strive to keep total mortgage payments no more than 10-12% of total operating budget. This has shaped the ALL IN campaign goal.

Can I donate property, stocks, bonds, or other assets?

Absolutely! DRCC has an account through the National Christian Foundation which allows us to receive investments such as appreciated stocks, mutual funds, etc. If you desire to donate physical assets like real estate, you can partner with the National Christian Foundation to liquidate the asset and then donate the proceeds to DRCC. We will not accept physical assets directly, they must be liquidated first. Don’t hesitate to contact Debbie Lawrence, Director of Operations, at the church office (301-829-3722) with any questions.

Beyond expanding the building, are we looking to expand our impact?

Yes! The new building with a larger auditorium and more classroom space will be an important tool to reach our community for Jesus. However, this will still be a few years away once all of the funds are collected and the construction is completed. Because the mission is so critical, we want to allocate some of the funds raised to deepen our existing outreach both globally and locally. If we hit our goal, we will deepen our investment with our global church partners across five continents. We will also expand our partnership with local non-profits and partner churches. In addition, we will set aside funds to launch a second campus in order to reach this growing region.

Why are we taking a One Fund approach?

As you’ll notice, we’re not talking about a separate “above and beyond” building expansion fund. We’re looking out over the next two years and bundling together all of our needs : annual operating budget, expanding our ministry investments and the building expansion. We are asking that everyone who attends DRCC to take a next right step of faith in trusting God more fully with our finances. Bundling everything together and asking everyone to take their next right step in cultivating a generous heart has the following benefits:
1. This approach speaks to those who aren’t currently giving and is more effective at getting people off the sidelines and into the game.
2. This approach is focused on building generous hearts.

How can I follow along with the progress of the Generosity Journey?

We have created this dedicated website for ALL IN where you can learn about the project, watch inspiring life-changing videos of others who have been impacted by God at Damascus Road, stay informed with news and project updates, and give online.
Visit this website often and bookmark ALLINDRCC.COM.