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Serving Leaders Catch the Vision

On Sunday evening, September 30th, Damascus Road serving leaders and their spouses gathered in the auditorium to learn about the ALL IN Generosity Journey. Pastors Richard Fredericks, Rajendra Pillai, and Executive Director Jason Earle shared the opportunities and challenges of the explosion of growth we've experienced in our community and at DRCC.

The vision for an expanded auditorium, newly created children's and youth spaces using our present auditorium, a new state-of-the-art outdoor venue opened to the community to create connections, and expansion of our current missions with an eye to a second DRCC campus in the future were shared.

For some, the direct need of expansion was clearly felt as the Middle School Ministry was meeting simultaneously and leaders got to experience their tight quarters as the students broke out into small groups, using the cafe, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways to meet!

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