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We're off to an amazing start!

Happy February! This is the first of a monthly ALL IN update where we share how God is working through DRCC to impact lives both locally and globally. We’re excited to share that we’ve raised approximately $1.6M over the past two months, equaling ~14% of our overall goal. We’re off to a strong start!

As you’ll remember, the $11.5M has a three-fold purpose:

  1. Continue to support our existing ministries for the next 2 years (annual operating budgets for the next 2 years)

  2. Raise funds for a building transformation and expansion

  3. Expand our ministry impact through local and global outreach.

In January, we had a team of 15 people travel to Santa Barbara and Copan in Honduras. Trips to Central America with much larger teams will also be made this summer. A key objective of our global missions is to meet physical needs and our team fed hundreds of children and adults. Another key objective is to equip leaders on the ground so that they can sustain and grow their impact over the long-term- our team held a women’s leadership conference as well as a Pastors conference.

This is but a glimpse into what God is doing in Central America through our teams and local church partners. Thanks for investing in the ALL IN vision as we strive to be “a community of LIGHT by the power of the LORD Jesus Christ” both locally and globally!

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