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With All Our Hearts

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Week #1 has launched the ALL IN Generosity Journey with Pastor Rajendra Pillai delivering the message, "With All Our Hearts." Each person received an ALL IN Guidebook as a resource through the next six weeks as we journey together as a church and learn what it means to live a life that's ALL IN for Christ.

Remember to show your colors! ALL IN tees are available at the new Resource Kiosk located in the far end of the lobby in both youth and adult sizes for only $8 and $10, respectively.

Did you sign up to receive daily Bible verse prayer prompts? If not, download the DRCC app and turn on the "general" notifications. Miss your notification? Simply navigate to the Inbox on the app to view each day's verse.

Miss the first weekly message? Watch it on or on the Messages page of this website.

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