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What's ahead

With much prayer and the counsel of a consultant, the ALL IN project has morphed into something we could have never imagined.  By re-tooling our methods, we believe this new approach will still meet the needs of our community and congregation, while allowing for greater impact and stewardship of the resources God has so graciously supplied through you - the many who sacrificed and contributed to the ALL IN generosity journey.

We have an emerging campus/facility development plan that will advance our HEAL five year roadmap. The plan will unfold in multiple phases. As part of phase one:


1) construction has begun in the west wing of the building to create more space for adults and the next generation (see below),

2) audio/video/lighting will be replaced in the auditorium,

3) planning is ramping up to launch a second campus in 2024.


The exact plans for developing the Mount Airy campus are still being defined but priorities have been identified. Check out what’s guiding the plan.

Current Construction

We're excited to have begun construction in the west wing by transforming our existing offices into space for children, youth, and adults (increasing capacity in the Children's Ministry by 25%).  Check out the walk-through of what to expect:

Updated Plan

Campus/Facility Development Plan

Development Plan


*Indoor/outdoor space for gathering & worship service viewing (pavilion, playground, etc.).

*Multi-purpose recreation center for community & ministry use.

*New roadside sign to advertise to community & better identify our location.



*Second campus launch to reach this growing region, including under-served areas & those seeing neighborhood growth, placed proximate to meet urgent physical needs in the local community and to provide a community closer to where we're reaching people.

*Significant increase in local missions budget and roll out of "The Bridge," a software platform to meet community needs.


*Transform existing office space to classrooms for next gen & adult discipleship.

*A tailored space where youth have a welcoming environment to gather through the week.

*Upgrade auditorium audio/video/lighting to replace aging systems and to optimize for in-person & online experience and second campus launch.

*Upgrade experience in the gym as a critical worship service viewing venue.

Follow along.

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