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What is ALL IN?

In 2018, we embarked on a generosity journey to reach this growing region with the hope of Jesus. It was a journey to grow in our generosity and trust in God and deepen our partnerships locally and globally.

The intent of ALL IN was to stretch our faith as we steward the resources God has given to each of us and to join together to fuel a God-sized vision to reach the world with the hope of Jesus. It’s about making disciples while cultivating generous hearts. The One Fund approach, not just a separate building expansion fund, found every dollar given go towards our annual operating expenses, expanded ministry opportunities and a future building expansion.

Then COVID hit. Our community didn’t slow down at all. You gave generously to thousands of people in need both in our region and through our mission partners in four continents. You also put in thousands of hours serving through hundreds of service projects, impacting many lives.

COVID changed a lot of things. Gathering behaviors have been altered. Construction costs for our previous building plan skyrocketed and would have required a 5x increase in mortgage debt. While our ministry methods must adapt to a changing world, our vision remains unchanged.

The Vision

We are a community of Light by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Achieving our vision involves more than bricks and mortar. It’s about relationships. Our God-given vision is to be a community where people learn about Jesus and the abundant life He offers, a community that people run to—not from—in their struggles and challenges. This requires space for every person seeking Christ and community to find a seat and place to serve.

The Opportunities

The opportunities


15,000 new homes are going up within a 10-15 mile radius and already impacting Damascus Road.

Increase Capacity

What meeting the goal enables...

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